Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here is my first attempt at blogging! All of the others I have seen are so very good, I'm a little nervous to try this because I have no idea what I am doing! I can't promise I will update often either, but I will do my best!

Our family is doing well and life is going so fast! Ashelynn is loving kindergarten. I was a little worried because it is all day long, but she is thriving. In true Wyoming fashion she had to wear a coat on the first day of school! Last Saturday she asked me when she would get to go back to school! I'm sure that attitude won't last!

Bryson is 22 months old now and growing so fast! He is a big 30 pounds and a solid guy! He is learning more words all the time. The phrase I hear all the time is "ahp me!" Trasnlated means, "help me!" Since Ashelynn started school I often hear, "where sissy go?" He misses her but enjoys all the toys to himself while she is gone!

In September we got a little shih tzu. We named her Jazzie and the kids love her. She is a good little dog and its been fun to have her. She is good with the kids and puts up with a lot! Including a stroller ride here and there.

Bryant is throughly enjoyig being back in Wyoming and is keeping busy with work and other activities. In August he entered a local art competition where he painted a watercolor in 24 hours. He won the division he entered, won the Mayor's Choice award and sold another painting he had done years earlier. Currently, its hunting season and he got an antelope, but as of today hasn't gotten his elk. He is still trying though!

Me? I'm keeping busy at home taking care of everybody! I am starting to help at Ashelynn's school with activities and reading centers. Bryson keeps me on my toes. I can't turn my back on him or he's climbing on the counter to get candy, holding down the water button on the fridge trying to get a drink, climbing in the dishwasher, dumping out the dogs food and water, or eating the dog's food! You get the idea. I'm still the ward choir director and enjoying that calling. I'm also trying to fit in a couple of projects for Christmas, making a baby blanket, trying to keep up with photo albums, etc. You mom's know how it is!

That's about it for us! We hope all of you are doing well!