Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old Pictures

I was going through some files and found this picture of my Dental Hygiene class. I'm on the front row in the short sleves. This pic was pre-kids, pre-highlights and I had the longest hair I've ever had. Its crazy how much time changes. All these girls were so fun and it feels like it was forever ago.

This is my favorite baby picture of Ashelynn. She was one day shy of 1 year old. This was at my sister's wedding reception in my parent's backyard. She loved my boquet of flowers. They smelled so good she tried to eat them. Bryant caught this picture as she was running away with the boquet so she could take a bite and I was trying to stop her

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Baby Bryson

This is Bryson about the same age Caringtyn is right now. They look so much alike except Bryson had lighter hair and more of it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall 2009

OK, so lets face it, I am a quaterly blogger at best. I'm not good at making time to get updated on this, but at least I'm blogging today! Since July of course we've done a lot. The end of July we had a really fun family reunion with my mom's mom's family. It was fun to see my Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins and my kids had fun playing with their second cousins. I miised all of you who weren't able to come!
Some of the second cousins! We were still missing a lot in the pic

More backyard fun at my grandmas
Look out!

In July we also went to the Gorge with some friends from our ward!

In August Bryant and Ash went to Lake Powell. Here is some playing in the mud.

I stayed with Bryson and the baby because there was no way I was taking a 5 month old to Lake Powell and it would be to hard to take Ash and Bry with one adult to watch them. So I took the younger two to UT and hung out with my family. I had Caringtyn's pictures taken and they turned out so very cute! I can't post them though because of course, they were copyrighted. I have lots of other cute pics of her though.
Bryant did the Art On The Green again and took second place! He did so well, like always and its a fun weekend for all of us to go see him paint and look at the booths at the Riverfest. My parents came and my dad's blue grass band played at the reception right before the art auction. I haven't seen that band play in so long, it was really fun to watch. They were such a hit that they were asked to come back next year. The kids loved the booths and time at the splash park and car show with Grandmas and Grandpas and friends. Here is his painting for 2009

Ash also had her birthday and we did a family party this year and went bowling.

Ash started 2nd grade at the end of August and Bryson started pre-school. They both love school and are doing well. I'm really glad little B will have 2 years of pre-school done before kindergarten. He loves his class and has so many friends in it. Ashelynn is in the gifted and talented program and is so smart!
First day of school for Bryson
Ashelynn's first day of school.

In September we went to Estes Park and had our last camping trip in the trailer for the year. It was fun and Ellen and Brody came too for 1 day. It was fun to have them. Bry of course could go on and on about all the elk we saw. I'll put in a good picture of what we saw just for him!

Bryant also went hunting for a couple days in UT because Aaron's brother-in-law drew out for some amazing hunt and Bryant went. Here is one of the elk the group got. Bryant as the "Cabelas" hat on
We also had the typical early snow storm in Sept. You know is early when there are still flowers blooming and there are leaves still on the trees! Needless to say, my flowers died. :(

So far October has been the month of sick kids! Bryant had his long elk hunt scheduled. Right before he left Caringtyn got an ear infection, but was on meds and doing better. The night before he left Ashelynn had a fever in the night. While he was gone Bryson got very sick (probably that crazy flu). I couldn't call him or anything. I was dead tired, but we were ok. Bryant's mom helped us a lot by running to the store for us. Bryant found out how sick we were from his dad who was hunting with him so he cut his trip short and came home. I was so relieved! He tried to take care of everyone in the night when he came home so I could sleep. Caringtyn however, won't let him help her in the night! :( I don't know why! She loves him in the day, but wants only me at night! Oh well. So we were better for a week then Ash got sick a few days ago again and worse this time too! She is doing better now and can go back to school tomorrow. In between being sick I took the kids to the school Halloween carnival. Hopefully they stay wel enough to get dressed up for the really Halloween in a couple days! Bryson is a nija, Ashelynn a witch, and Caringtyn a BYU cheerleader.

Caringtyn is now 7 months old and here is a cute video of her in the bath! She is rolling a lot and will probably start to crawl in the next month. She loves to smile at everyone and pull my hair and anyone else's she can reach! Jazzie is very wary of her, but will lick her head anytime she is behind Caringtyn because then she can't pull out her fur!

Here are some more cute pics!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Summer!

Ummm . . . so I noticed that the last time I posted was April. I'm so lame. We have been so very busy and having so much fun that I've forgotten about my poor little blog. I'm sure no one looks at it any more. Good thing it doubles as a family journal!
So lets see, May what did we do. We got a trailer and went camping in Cokeville, WY. That was fun. It was one of the few if not the first trip we have done something with just our little family and didn't add extended family into the trip. Well, that's not entirely true. We helped Bryan'ts grandma put in her garden while we were there, but we were the only ones camping. Ashelynn finished first grade and did very well too. She really misses her teacher and seeing her friends there every day. Here are some pics of our cute kids in May, followed by camping pictures!
June stared with Ashelynn's first piano recital and she did very well. Getting her to practice wasn't easy, but she enjoyed it once she got the songs down. Bryant had his 33 birthday the same weekend we blessed Caringtyn so he got to have several family parties with his family and mine. Caringtyn's blessing was nice and she didn't cry during it! I am always afraid that my children will cry when they get blessed, but not one of the has! The second weekend of June Bryant's brother's baby was blessed also. Little Paxton and Caringtyn are only 3 days apart and we were able to get some cute pics of them together in their blessing outfits. The next weekend of June we went camping with my parents. My parent's stake was finishing girls camp the day we started camping. Since my mom is the stake YW president, she was still at the girl's camp and we met her there. My parent's were in charge of guarding the whole camp over the weekend until the next stake got there so we were able to stay at the camp for free and help watch over it while it wasn't in use. It was a fun trip. The last part of June we went to Yellowstone with some good friends from BYU and their families. We rented a cabin in Island Park, ID. We had fun in Yellowstone and went on a slow river raft ride. The ride on the river was fun, but we were very glad to see the end because we has very tired and hungry kids. Caringtyn did pretty well on the raft considering her age. Ashelynn and her friend Emmy would get in and out of the raft and walk the river because it was so shallow. Bryson helped us paddle the whole way. We saw some people fishing and he yelled out to them, "You fishing?" to shich they said yes and then he said, "Did you catch one?" To which they said yes. Then he yells out, "Good Job!"
All of June when we were home I played catch up trying to get ready for the next trip. It was fun, but I am tired!!!
As July started we were finishing up our Yellowstone trip and headed straight to UT. We went to 7 peaks with Andy and Heidi and Gary and Jen and their families. Then Bryant had his family's golf tournament and his neice was blessed. My sister and her family were in town from Texas so we spent some time with them also.
We feel really blessed to have so much family and friends and so many fun things going on, but I am worn out! The kids have done really well with all the commotion and traveling. I love them so much and they are wonderful!

Piano recital
Caringtyn's blessing

Paxton and CaringtynCamping at Koholowo

Fun with friends in the back yard

The back yard of the cabinGary and Jen's family (their youngest was sleeping)
Andy and Heidi's familyYou know who we are!All of us on the front porch of the cabin

Fun at YellowstoneFun in the car!Brinley's baptism

This last picture is my new favorite!
I need to blog more often so I don't have these monster posts anymore!