Monday, December 10, 2007

Play List

I just figured out how to put a play list on my blog. The music choices are pretty random, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. Hopefully I'll update them from time to time.


Ok. . .I knew I wouldn't be the greatest at this. Its been a long time since I've updated anything, but we have been so very busy. It all started last year when I took Ashelynn to see the Nutcracker ballet that is put on every year by the Sweetwater County Performing Arts. Ellen was involved with it for years when she lived here and I remember coming to see it when she or her boys were in it many times. So last year when I took Ashelynn I thought it would be a fun mommy / daughter night and that she might get bored with it. Well she fell in love with it and was totally enthralled the entire 2 and a half hours of it. She begged me to be in it the next year (now). Our life this fall has been Nutcracker ever since October. It started out simple enough and became increasingly more involved. The final shows are this coming weekend and then life will be back to normal. Some of the rehearsals lately have been 6 hours long! You would think that a 5 year old would be so worn out and having a hard time, but she thrives on it! I am in trouble! It makes it all worth it to see her up on stage though.
The costumes are great and she looks so darn cute I've taken about a million pictures! She is a mouse in the first act of the play and then a Cherry Blossom in the second act. She told me that next year she wants to be Clara. She is ambitious! So every night lately there we are at the high school waiting to go on, changing in and out of costumes, waiting, and helping other little girls with their costumes! She will be sad when it is done, but I won't! I am ready for a break!

Oh, she also had a Tavaci concert in the middle of all the Nutcracker chaos (Tavaci is a kids singing group that she used to love until ballet came along). And lost her first tooth!

Bryant and Bryson are getting a lot of bonding time throughout it all. Which is good for me because taking Bryson to rehearsals and shows is not easy! My sweet little boy has turned into a terrible two's tornado! Its a good thing he is still so darn cute! He is sitting on my lap right now trying to type and talking about, what else, cars!
I also discovered the only way to get Bryant to a ballet is to have his daughter in it!

I've been so busy with this ballet I forgot to mention that we had a great Thanksgiving with Bryant's family here in Green River. It was fun to see everyone in his family and spend time together. The best part was the day after Thanksgiving shopping with all the girls. All the kids got their own Turkey drumstick. Here is the great picture of it!

The kids and I got out of Nutcracker practice for one night after Thanksgiving and went to UT to surprise my mom for her birthday. It was good to get away and so very good to see my family!
My sister and her kids couldn't be there because they were sick, which was sad, but it was good to see my mom and dad and brother!
Ok, all you really good bloggers. Here is a question for you. I have made a friend list a couple of times, but when I change my template I loose my list. It is so frustrating! How do I keep that from happening?