Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas 2007

As soon as Nutcracker slowed to an end I frantically began putting our Christmas letter together, did last minute Christmas shopping and managed to get out a few plates of Christmas cookies before we headed down to UT.

The night before we were going to leave I was up late wrapping Christmas presents and getting all of our stuff together to load into the car. It was about 11pm when I finished and I went downstairs to put the last few few things by the garage door for Bryant to pack. I found him in the basement taking everything out of the toy room. Our basement bedroom/toy room was flooded! There was about an inch of standing water in the room. Our pipe that went to a faucet in the back yard had frozen and broke. Bryant had tried to turn it on to fill up the spa that night because it had warmed up outside a bit and the spa had to be full before we left. When he turned the water on it wasn't coming out very well. When he finished the spa he went to the basement to get a cooler for our trip and found out why the water pressure was bad. Half of it ended up in the basement! We were up until 3 in the morning pulling the carpet and pad out of the room and mopping up all the standing water. It was terrible! We got to UT a lot later than we had planned (after filing an insurance claim for the damage and turning off the water to the whole house!), but made it in time to celebrate Bryson's second birthday with my family.I bet you can guess who played with the remote control car the most!

Christmas was fun and relaxing. We caught up on some shopping while in UT and spent lots of time visiting with family and friends. We went to the mall and rode on a Christmas train for Christmas eve, and did all the other traditional things. Christmas morning was really fun to see the kids open their presents.

Ashelynn got a singing Barbie, which mesmerized the little boys and Bryson got a trike, otherwise known as a "gupy." We don't know why, but Bryson calls all bikes "gupies"

We got to go to Wayne and Misti's house one night and had dinner with their family, Jared and Nicole's family, Jim and Mindy's family, and April and Shaun's family. It was so fun to see all of them. It had been too long since we saw them last, Ashelynn even had trouble remembering everybody! Thanks Wayne and Misti for hosting! Taking a picture of all the kids was interesting, but I'm glad that I have it with tears and all!

The new year seems to have started out just as busy as the last one. Ashelynn started indoor soccer again and Bryson can't understand why he can't play too. I got released as choir director and am now in the nursery with Bryson. Being choir director was the only calling I've really ever, been sad to be released from, but I'm enjoying hanging out with Bryson. Our basement is still torn apart, but hopefully it will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.