Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 2011

Since Jan. its been normal busy life with a great break when we went to Hawaii again for a week in April.

A and B did indoor soccer again and enjoyed it as always. A is getting older busier, so I think we'll have to stick with summer soccer only for her from now on. She is doing great in school and her teachers love her. Parent teachers conferences are always short and sweet. Her math homework is getting harder too and sometimes I really have to think about it when she asks me for help! She is still doing piano and not liking practicing at all. Once she learns a song, (which never takes her long) she does really well. She is even playing a version of Malaguena for her school talent show later this month. She is so tall too! She is going to pass me up in the next couple of years easily. Its fun to watch her grow up and she is such a big help with her siblings. Her primary teacher stopped me in the hall at church a couple weeks ago and told me how much she enjoys A in her class and that she participates so well. A gave a family home evening lesson recently with zero help from mom and dad. She told us a story from the friend, asked questions, gave a personal example, and then challenged us to do better. It was awesome! She is amazing. She loves it when I straighten her curly hair so she can see how long it is. If she had her way, she'd look like Rapunzel. Its really grown lately and when its straight falls just passed her shoulders. She also has shown a lot of maturity in dealing with some friend problems at school (2 girls were fighting over her friendship and didn't want her to be friends with the opposing girl). She impresses me with her concern and kindness for others as she and other girls in her class got it worked out. It makes me sad she has to deal with things like that in 3rd grade, but she handled it so well and sought help from us, she really did the right thing.
In Hawaii she spent most of her time body surfing, boogie boarding and helping her cousin look for shells. She has no fear of water and is a very good snorkeler too. She tries just about anything and is usually good at it! Last night I was putting her to bed and she had tears in her eyes. I asked what was wrong and she said, "mostly I'm crying because I miss Hawaii"

B is growing so fast too. He really enjoyed playing soccer, and always wanted to be the goalie. One of his first games he started to cry after about 15 minutes. He came to the side and I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I'M SWEATING!" I tried not to laugh too much and told him it was ok to sweat and that its good for him. He got over his dislike for sweating pretty quickly though. They don't keep scores in the little kids league, but after every game he would know the score perfectly and was very disappointed if his team didn't win. He also got to go to a gymnastics class with some friends from January to March (anything to burn off some energy!). He loved it, but would have preferred total free time to learning specific things. I finally let him wrestle too. I was worried about him being old enough for it, but apparently I waited too long because when we started there were 3 & 4 year olds there. He always chased after the little kids to partner with. I asked him why and he said it was because they were easier to beat.
Bryant helped coach so he was there with him almost every time. At then end there was a tournament with all the little kids. Bryson cried and wouldn't wrestle the first round. We kept trying to talk him into it, but it just made it worse. When we backed off and let the other coach take over Bryson did end up wrestling and did good. He remembered his moves and tried. At the end all the kids got a little trophy and he informed me he got it because he was the best wrestler there. He just started t-ball and is liking it so far. The first game is tomorrow.
He is in pre-school 3 days a week and is graduating from it this month. He and one of his friends are tied for the tallest in the class. He has really improved this past year at being in a class room setting and can read some small words. I can't believe he is going to go to kindergarten in the fall! He loved Hawaii too and tried snorkeling for the first time in the hotel pool the last day we were there. He was very brave in the waves too. He and his cousins body surfed all day every day, unless we were of course at the pool, then he was on the slide. Today at church I asked the primary what the bishop's job in our ward is and he raised his hand and said, "to hold the doors open for everyone" He always keeps us smiling.

C is now 2 and thinks and talks like she is 5 or 6. She turned 2 at the end of March and talks in complete sentences. She amazes everyone with her ability to express herself. She is also a mini me I'm told. My parents watched her for a few days in March while Bryant and I took a quick trip by ourselves (A&B stayed with Bryant's parents). My mom said it was unreal sometime to look at her and what she was doing and it was just like when I was that age.
C is our princess. She loves, loves, loves shoes, anything pink or sparkly, and necklaces. She will wear sunglasses, dress up shoes with heels, a necklace and a tu tu for as long as I will let her. She will also let me curl her hair and asks for pony tails. She loves her nails painted and has had many pedicures while I am trying to potty train her (which isn't easy. I feel like I've forgotten how to do it). She is also stubborn and knows exactly what she wants when she wants it. She does course correct and responds well to time out after I wait out the fit. Its called being 2. Her obsession with hair continues, and I'm not sure it will ever end. Her favorite thing is a sippy of milk, a blanket, and someone to sit by her so she can play with their hair. Even as an infant when she would nurse she would hold onto a lock of my hair. She has her own Rapunzel doll in her bed that she plays with the hair while she falls asleep. I've gone in to check on her at night and found her rubbing the hair of the doll between her fingers while she sleeps. She is also super loving and miss personality. She'll come up to me and say things like: "I like your earrings." "I love you." "I like your shirt." "I like your hair." and on and on. She loves her big brother and big sister. She walks around the house calling them if she can't see them. Oh, the other phrase I hear often is "No Kona!" C is right at tail level and walks by Kona with her hands covering her face so she doesn't get whacked. Every time I try to video tape her amazing speaking she stops talking or talks a whole lot less. Which is pretty impressive because she never stops talking or commenting on everything. Between A, B, and C there is never a quite moment at our house as they all vie for control of the conversation. Oh, unless the TV is on then I can't get anyone to move!

As for me and Bryant we are our busy selves. I've been the Primary president for a year and a couple months and am just starting to feel more comfortable, but by no means adequate. Bryant is the Scout Master and that is a challenge in and of itself. He does a great job though and the boys love him. In March we got to go on a 5 day trip by ourselves and went to Las Vegas. We decided not to see any family even though we love our vegas cousins and spend time together. We went to the Mountain West Conference basketball tournament and Bryant of course was elated. I have to admit for me, it was fun too. Seeing Jimmer score 50+ in one game was amazing. Then end of our trip was really hard for me though because I got a call that my good friend's 8 week old baby passed away while we were gone. It breaks my heart to think of it even now. She died from a combination of RSV and Influenza A. Watching my friend and her family go through this is heartbreaking, but seeing their amazing testimonies and faith is inspiring.
Hawaii was awesome too. Spending time with all of Bryant's family there was great and I absolutely could live in Maui. We snuck in a little snorkeling and wave time ourselves when C was napping in our little tent on the beach.
Today Bryant's grandma is dying of pneumonia. He got a call yesterday that she wasn't doing well and left for Cokeville. He and his parents are with her now at the hospital in Montpilier. Her body isn't fighting the infection at all. She is 80+ and has a DRN so they are just being with her until the end. She is sedated because of the pain. 2 of his brothers and his sister are on their way there too. His oldest brother has to work and I'm sure its so hard for him not to be there. Seeing her at Christmas made me worry for her so much. She is such a strong lady an has lived a full, and at times hard, life. Her husband passed away when Bryant was a child, so she has been alone a long time. I remember the first time I met her when Bryant and I were dating and stopped in Cokeville to see her on our way to GR from Ricks. She gave me a hug right away and said, "just call me grandma." She is so loving and gave so much service to her family. We all have beautiful afghans made by her and have enjoyed so much of her food and homemade candy and hospitality.
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am so grateful for my Savior who suffered and died for all of us so that we might live again one day. I am so grateful to be sealed in the temple as a forever family so our bond together can never be broken. Death separates those we love from us for a little while, but not forever. This knowledge is such a comfort to me and sustains me and I know it to be true.
The last time all Bryant's niece's and nephews and our kids were with their GG. Christmas 2010

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Start of 2011

So its been 6 or 7 months. Acutally I thought it had been a year since I last blogged, so it wasn't as bad as I thought! I've been putting some stuff on facebook, but life has gotten so crazy I've done no journaling (yes its not a real word, but you know what I mean) here.
The kids are growing so quickly. A is 8 now and was baptized in September and such a big help. She is super smart and does really well in school and in the gifted and talented program too. She is doing well at piano, even though she says she doesn't like it. I know she secretly does because when she gets a song down she memorizes it and plays it all the time. B just turned 5 and LOVES the Wii, a bit too much ! :-) He is way better than I am all ready. He is in pre-school and was one of the first kids to be able to write his name well. He is playing soccer right now and is determined to get a goal every game. He loves to win, which is great, but we are also trying to teach him how to lose gracefully and the importance of taking turns! C is 20 months and talking constantly. She is so very cuddly and trying to start potty training. She is my first to say so many things at so young and can repeat just about anything. She is always singing to herself and constantly requesting, "me me milk!" translation "bring me milk now!" My mom says she looks just like a mini me. She loves her nursery class and playing with her friends.
We got another dog in Oct. It about killed me to get her house trained, but getting her was my idea. (of which I am constantly reminded when I complain about things being tough :-) Her name is Kona and she is a mastiff/pyreneese mix. She is very calm and good with the kids. She will be a giant, about 180-200 pounds. Her drawbacks are giant, um, you know what I mean, and shedding. Everyone avoids her Sunday morning so we don't go to church covered in dog hair! She lets me vacuum her, so that does help. Jazzie has gotten used to her and now they share and play together.
We spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with Bryant's. Both Holidays were great fun and we can't wait for next year's.
Primary keeps me sooooooooooo busy. I'm always behind! Bryant just got asked to be the Scout Master over 2 wards. I wasn't asked to be there when they issued this calling to him, and I think it was because they didn't want to see me cry, so Bryant would say yes. He is doing well at it and I am doing my best to be supportive.
Zumba is my release and my fun time, so thanks Christine and Nanette!
We have a lot of fun things planned for this coming year and I will try to keep up with them, no promises though!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yes we are alive! My blog has been severely neglected!

I feel like summer is flying by! We have camped a lot so far. Last weekend we were camping with my whole family, which was great because we hadn't all been together in a long time! But we had to leave a camp ground in Payson canyon (right by Payson, UT where I grew up) because of a bear that wouldn't go away and wasn't afraid of people at all. It came into the camp site next to ours about 4-6 times. The forest service tried to catch it several times but it kept getting away so they kicked us out for our own safety. We never actually saw it because of the trees between the camp sites, but Bryant heard it and the forest service got a picture of it. My oldest daughter was really upset by the idea of a bear so close to her, but she calmed down after a while.
Ashelynn 7, is growing up really fast and comes up to the base of my neck when she stands next to me. She will be taller than me in a couple years for sure. She did a basketball camp this summer and did really well. She can't wait for her birthday in August and wants to start planning a big party now!
Bryson is 4 and just learned how to ride a 2 wheel bike. We were at a friends house yesterday and he climbed on their little boy's bike. My friend held the seat because I was holding Caringtyn, and he just took off. He was a natural and never fell. I was amazed! I took the training wheels off his bike today and he did the same thing. I just held the seat for a second so he could get on, and then he took off again. Last summer he was jumping on our tramp and starting flipping all on his own, at 3! No one even showed him what to do. He is a ball of energy and makes us laugh all the time.
Caringtyn is 1 and is miss personality. She wants to do everything on her own because that is what the big kids do. She can give a really good mean face when she isn't happy and a very crinkled nose smile when she is. She is constantly climbing on anything she can and makes me very nervous when we go to the park. She loves to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and does all the actions. She is really learning words quickly and can say: hi, mama, dada, dog, go, up, shoe, bye bye, baby, key, no no (complete with a finger shake), papa, jazz (our dog's name), down, all done, . . . and well you get the idea. She understands everything going on around her and babbles a lot too.
I will post pictures later! (i hope :{ )

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update Nov. to Jan.

It seems that life is constantly speeding up! I can't keep up with anything anymore. November brought more sickness to the kids, mostly Caringtyn. She can't shake the ear infections. She may need tubes. We'll find out next week. She has had an ear infection everymonth since October. Poor little gal! She is a strong baby though because she stays happy, mostly, despite the ear trouble!
Anyway, in Nov. we had Thanksgiving with Bryant's family. It was a fun time with lots of family and LOTS of food!

December went by so very fast I didn't get a Christmas letter out! I've been really good about it the last couple years, but not this one! Oh well! Hopefully I'll get one out soon. We did a ton of Christmas decorations like always; but its the last year we do all those lights on our house. Bryant slipped and fell off the roof right above the garage. He was ok, but pretty bruised. So enjoy the picture. The house won't ever look like that again!

Bryson turned 4 and had a fun bowling party. He gets very serious about his game. Over thanksgiving we went bowling with Bryant's family and Bryson beat all the kids 13 and under. Ever since then he takes it very seriously!

Santa stopped by our house too! Ashelynn and Bryson were amazed and Caringtyn cried when she looked at him. Something about that man makes little babies cry! :)

Ashelynn also had a piano recital and played very well. I was lucky enough to play a duet with her on "Joy To The World" It was really fun.

After Bryson's birthday we went to UT to spend Christmas with my family. They had a birthday party for Bryson also.

On Christmas eve Caringtyn started to walk a little. What a way to start her first Christmas! She can take about 10 steps on her own! Christmas was very fun and the kids got a Wii from Santa which we have all enjoyed! Bryant took Ashelynn skiing again and she did well. It was fun to be able to stay with my family for a week. We missed having my sister and her family there.

January has been a whirl wind too! Stake standards night practices have started and I am in charge of it all. I've been working on it since Oct. I finished the script just in time and got all the music in order. Just before we started practices, I was also called to be the primary president in my ward. I'm so blessed to have good councilors and secretary who are keeping the primary together right now! I feel overwhelmed to say the least! Standards Night is March 17th, so I hope to be sane by then! Caringtyn is sick again right now. Bryson got a bad cold and in her it turned into a respiratory infection. She was much sicker than I realized, so I feel bad! Ashelynn is just starting to cough now, so it continues!

I got to visit my sister and her family in Houston this month too. It was so fun to see her and her family. It was nice to get a little warmer weather too. She lives in a great area and has so much shopping I am jealous! We got to go to NASA too. It was awesome. I wish Ashelynn and Bryson could have seen it. They would have loved it. It was such a nice visit and nice to get away. I also got to see Cameron and Michelle because they live in Houston right now too!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old Pictures

I was going through some files and found this picture of my Dental Hygiene class. I'm on the front row in the short sleves. This pic was pre-kids, pre-highlights and I had the longest hair I've ever had. Its crazy how much time changes. All these girls were so fun and it feels like it was forever ago.

This is my favorite baby picture of Ashelynn. She was one day shy of 1 year old. This was at my sister's wedding reception in my parent's backyard. She loved my boquet of flowers. They smelled so good she tried to eat them. Bryant caught this picture as she was running away with the boquet so she could take a bite and I was trying to stop her

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Baby Bryson

This is Bryson about the same age Caringtyn is right now. They look so much alike except Bryson had lighter hair and more of it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall 2009

OK, so lets face it, I am a quaterly blogger at best. I'm not good at making time to get updated on this, but at least I'm blogging today! Since July of course we've done a lot. The end of July we had a really fun family reunion with my mom's mom's family. It was fun to see my Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins and my kids had fun playing with their second cousins. I miised all of you who weren't able to come!
Some of the second cousins! We were still missing a lot in the pic

More backyard fun at my grandmas
Look out!

In July we also went to the Gorge with some friends from our ward!

In August Bryant and Ash went to Lake Powell. Here is some playing in the mud.

I stayed with Bryson and the baby because there was no way I was taking a 5 month old to Lake Powell and it would be to hard to take Ash and Bry with one adult to watch them. So I took the younger two to UT and hung out with my family. I had Caringtyn's pictures taken and they turned out so very cute! I can't post them though because of course, they were copyrighted. I have lots of other cute pics of her though.
Bryant did the Art On The Green again and took second place! He did so well, like always and its a fun weekend for all of us to go see him paint and look at the booths at the Riverfest. My parents came and my dad's blue grass band played at the reception right before the art auction. I haven't seen that band play in so long, it was really fun to watch. They were such a hit that they were asked to come back next year. The kids loved the booths and time at the splash park and car show with Grandmas and Grandpas and friends. Here is his painting for 2009

Ash also had her birthday and we did a family party this year and went bowling.

Ash started 2nd grade at the end of August and Bryson started pre-school. They both love school and are doing well. I'm really glad little B will have 2 years of pre-school done before kindergarten. He loves his class and has so many friends in it. Ashelynn is in the gifted and talented program and is so smart!
First day of school for Bryson
Ashelynn's first day of school.

In September we went to Estes Park and had our last camping trip in the trailer for the year. It was fun and Ellen and Brody came too for 1 day. It was fun to have them. Bry of course could go on and on about all the elk we saw. I'll put in a good picture of what we saw just for him!

Bryant also went hunting for a couple days in UT because Aaron's brother-in-law drew out for some amazing hunt and Bryant went. Here is one of the elk the group got. Bryant as the "Cabelas" hat on
We also had the typical early snow storm in Sept. You know is early when there are still flowers blooming and there are leaves still on the trees! Needless to say, my flowers died. :(

So far October has been the month of sick kids! Bryant had his long elk hunt scheduled. Right before he left Caringtyn got an ear infection, but was on meds and doing better. The night before he left Ashelynn had a fever in the night. While he was gone Bryson got very sick (probably that crazy flu). I couldn't call him or anything. I was dead tired, but we were ok. Bryant's mom helped us a lot by running to the store for us. Bryant found out how sick we were from his dad who was hunting with him so he cut his trip short and came home. I was so relieved! He tried to take care of everyone in the night when he came home so I could sleep. Caringtyn however, won't let him help her in the night! :( I don't know why! She loves him in the day, but wants only me at night! Oh well. So we were better for a week then Ash got sick a few days ago again and worse this time too! She is doing better now and can go back to school tomorrow. In between being sick I took the kids to the school Halloween carnival. Hopefully they stay wel enough to get dressed up for the really Halloween in a couple days! Bryson is a nija, Ashelynn a witch, and Caringtyn a BYU cheerleader.

Caringtyn is now 7 months old and here is a cute video of her in the bath! She is rolling a lot and will probably start to crawl in the next month. She loves to smile at everyone and pull my hair and anyone else's she can reach! Jazzie is very wary of her, but will lick her head anytime she is behind Caringtyn because then she can't pull out her fur!

Here are some more cute pics!