Friday, February 22, 2008


My sister-in-law, Michelle, posted three quirks about herself of her blog and tagged me and a couple of others to do the same. So any of you who read this, its now passed on to you too!

I have so many quirks, but I haven't taken the time to think about them. I guess I usually avoid self evaluation!

The first strange thing that comes to mind is that I can't stand to have my eye lashes touched! I'm not sure why. It makes my skin crawl. Its not that I'm concerned about the mascara running or anything. Its just the feeling of them being messed with. Strange I know.

The second thing is that I can't stand to keep my hair the same for very long. Case in point here is what my hair looked like a year and a half ago and what it looks like now! (Lots of blond highlights again!) Maybe its just a girl thing, and not so much a quirk.

The third quirk is that I can't stand stinky smells, especially a dish rag that has been left out too long and has that musty mildew smell. I've been known to walk in the house, smell something, and go on a search for the offending odor. I use color safe bleach on every towel load of laundry and other more stinky loads because it helps keep them smelling better longer.

I just thought of a fourth to replace the thing about hair, because I know lots of us who love to visit the salon often! So instead, I will say I have this obsession about locking doors. My doors are bolted all day long and I check them all again before I go to bed. And if Bryant says, "I don't think I locked the door" no matter how tired I am, I can't got to sleep without making sure all the doors are locked. Its not just because of Bryson trying to get outside, I did it even before I had kids. I can't stand to leave a door unlocked. I guess I'm paranoid. :)

Now I can think of more since I started doing this, but I'd better stop!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Is it the Arctic, or my backyard? That is debatable today. Bryson hates the snow if you can't tell. Our snow just started to melt and then we were hit with a big storm! It started snowing yesterday about 3pm and still hasn't stopped. We got over 1 foot in 1 night and had 60+ mile per hour winds. The snow in my backyard goes half way up my thigh in some places and I still had a couple more inches of snow between me and the ground. Despite all that, school wasn't canceled. Bryant took Ashelynn in the truck because I would not have made it in the van. If it wasn't Valentines day I would have kept her home. She was in charge of bringing the cookies for the party and was very concerned about getting to school. Utah has it just as bad as we do I've heard.

Here are a couple of pictures of the yard before we walked through it.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Saturday night I was up all night long with either Ashelynn or Bryson. Bryant was sick last week and the rest of us got it Saturday night. Sunday I could barely talk and was so achy and tired. The kids both had fevers on and off all day long. Sunday was a long day.
Ashelynn stayed home from school today because she still had a little fever when she woke up. Bryson is doing better but coughing a lot and has a very runny nose.
Today also I turned 29. I had to cancel the baby sitter for tonight because we still aren't 100%. Its snowed all day long too. I have had so many birthdays where it has snowed all day and caused plans to be changed. That is just how it goes when you have a Feb. birthday. The only nice weather I've had on my birthday was last year when we were in Florida on my birthday. Bryant sent me a big basket of flowers, which was so nice and brightened my day. We are going to celebrate later in the week. Oh, also my mom was going to come up (which she couldn't have anyway because of the bad roads) but was in a 40 car pile up accident last Monday and her car was totalled and she injured her back. Thankfully that was all that was injured.
I was talking to her earlier that day while she was driving home from Provo and she said that the roads were so bad and that she needed to hang up. Several hours later I got a call from my dad, with sirens in the back ground, and he told me she had been in an accident, but didn't have any major injuries and was being taken to the hospital to be checked out. My aunt Holly also called me because somehow my mom's phone had called her house during the accident and my cousin Amy could hear my mom yelling to some other people who had been hit by a semi with more crashing in the background. I got the whole story later that night. My mom was almost home when a semi sped past her and she saw it jack-knife. She, and all the other cars around her tired to stop, but the blizzard made it almost impossible to stop. Also the visibility was zero. She hit the car in front of her and was hit also from behind. Her car went dead, but she had the strong impression that she needed to get into the median. She tried her car again and it started. She backed off of the bumper of the car infront of her, and pulled down into the median. As she came to a slow stop she saw another jack-knifed semi in her re-view mirror sliding down the freeway hitting the cars where she just had been. Stunned, she looked up at the road and saw a couple in their 60's huddled on the road, without coats, in the wreckage. Her first thought was to get them into her car and pull out to the other side of the freeway and drive out of there. Her car would not start. She grabbed a blanket from her car and her purse and went to help the stunned couple. She yelled asking them where there car was and they pointed to a black car pinned under a semi. She had no idea how they got out. They were dazed and in shock. After checking to make sure it was clear, she hurried them off of the high way as more cars continued to crash into the wreckage. They went down the hill to a Rite-aid phramacy to call 911. My dad met her there. They couldn't get through to 911 and called the dispatch office for the Payson police. They hadn't heard about the accident yet. They asked her how many were involved and she could only tell them, "more and more" as they continued to hear more crashing. More people came off of the freeway to find shelter and help and the store. After my mom and dad got to the hospital they learned that there were so many accidents that day that the hospitals in area had run out of ambulances. She was all right, but had a very twisted spine. She has gone to the chiropractor several times since last Monday. They found their car 2 days later and it had been hit several more times since my mom left it.
I am so thankful that she was blessed and only came away with minor injuries and that I didn't lose my mom right before I turned 29. Despite the weather and being sick, its a great birthday. I have a family that loves me, good friends, and so many blessings from our Heavenly Father.
Here is a link to the web page that has a little news video of the accident.