Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Start of 2011

So its been 6 or 7 months. Acutally I thought it had been a year since I last blogged, so it wasn't as bad as I thought! I've been putting some stuff on facebook, but life has gotten so crazy I've done no journaling (yes its not a real word, but you know what I mean) here.
The kids are growing so quickly. A is 8 now and was baptized in September and such a big help. She is super smart and does really well in school and in the gifted and talented program too. She is doing well at piano, even though she says she doesn't like it. I know she secretly does because when she gets a song down she memorizes it and plays it all the time. B just turned 5 and LOVES the Wii, a bit too much ! :-) He is way better than I am all ready. He is in pre-school and was one of the first kids to be able to write his name well. He is playing soccer right now and is determined to get a goal every game. He loves to win, which is great, but we are also trying to teach him how to lose gracefully and the importance of taking turns! C is 20 months and talking constantly. She is so very cuddly and trying to start potty training. She is my first to say so many things at so young and can repeat just about anything. She is always singing to herself and constantly requesting, "me me milk!" translation "bring me milk now!" My mom says she looks just like a mini me. She loves her nursery class and playing with her friends.
We got another dog in Oct. It about killed me to get her house trained, but getting her was my idea. (of which I am constantly reminded when I complain about things being tough :-) Her name is Kona and she is a mastiff/pyreneese mix. She is very calm and good with the kids. She will be a giant, about 180-200 pounds. Her drawbacks are giant, um, you know what I mean, and shedding. Everyone avoids her Sunday morning so we don't go to church covered in dog hair! She lets me vacuum her, so that does help. Jazzie has gotten used to her and now they share and play together.
We spent Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with Bryant's. Both Holidays were great fun and we can't wait for next year's.
Primary keeps me sooooooooooo busy. I'm always behind! Bryant just got asked to be the Scout Master over 2 wards. I wasn't asked to be there when they issued this calling to him, and I think it was because they didn't want to see me cry, so Bryant would say yes. He is doing well at it and I am doing my best to be supportive.
Zumba is my release and my fun time, so thanks Christine and Nanette!
We have a lot of fun things planned for this coming year and I will try to keep up with them, no promises though!