Thursday, December 11, 2008


I still need a few more email addresses! You know who you are!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Previous Post

Obviously Bryant wrote the last post. He tried to make it sound like I wrote it. When he had me read over it I told him that if I was posting it I wouldn't start with the picture of the headless elk!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bryants Hunting

Bryant had a successful hunt this year with a cow elk and then a deer he killed with his good friend Jeremy. He traveled 28 hours on the road to three different destinations. First was a hunt with his brother in Utah to help him get his elk, then a 5 day elk hunt in Wyoming which was unsuccessful of which he returned 1 week later and got his elk. He then went with Jeremy on a deer hunt. I'm just glad hes finally done!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Private blog / Halloween Pictures

I am going to make our blog private again. There are too many scary things I've seen on the news lately. So anyway, send me your email in the comment part of this blog so I make sure to invite you to view it. I know I don't have emails for a few of you and some of you may have updated yours. Please send them soon and don't forget to accept the invitation to view the blog when you get it!
Thanks! Also, thanks for some of the fun girl name suggestions!

Here is a picture of my latest card and Halloween pictures that I have neglected to post! Ashelynn loved being super girl and Bryson loved being a transformer. He didn't want to wear his mask at all other than for pictures until he saw his friend Ty. Ty was the same thing and was wearing his mask. When Bryson saw him he started crying and wouldn't move a step until he got his mask also, so we had to run back to the car to get it. It was funny. I also dressed Jazzie up as Snow White, much to Bryant's dismay. At our trunk-or-treat he passed out the candy and I walked around with the kids and the dog because he didn't want to be seen with our very cute dressed up dog. All the kids liked it though!
P.S. Don't tease him Aaron, or he'll never let me do it again! :)

Here are some of our fun friends at the Trunk -or-Treat

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Its Going To Be . . .

I had my ultrasound on Friday afternoon and then we spent the night in UT, got back late Saturday and have had a busy day today so it took me a while to post. The baby looked great on the ultrasound and was very active! We got a good look despite all the wiggling and its going to be a girl! We are excited! Bryant is worried because now we will have 2 girls that will grow up and want to date some day. Ashelynn is very happy to be getting a sister and Bryson is happy to, though he would be happy either way. A radiologist will read the ultrasound later, but the tech thought she looked great. We are thinking about finding a name that starts with "C" because we all ready have an "A" name followed by a "B" name. Now I need to get started on making a blanket for her before my belly gets too big and leaning over won't be an option anymore! I am a little nervous to have 3, but I still have several months before that comes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was cleaning off my desk today because there was so much stuff on it I couldn't see the desk itself. I found this picture from Feb. of 2005. I don't know why it was on my desk or how it got there. Its of Ashelynn and 2 of her good friends from Omaha finger painting with fruit in pudding. Gracey is the blonde at the back of the table and then Ashelynn on the side and Emma closest to the front. We used to do a babysitting swap and these 3 got to play together a lot. I thought it was such a fun thing to find. It brought back a lot of memories.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Fun Tag

My cousin did this on her blog and I thought it was fun! Consider it a tag and do it for your hubby or significant other!

What is your husband's name?

How long have you been married? 10 and a half years

How long did you date? About 6 months

How much older or younger is he than you? 3 years older

What eats more sweets? Definitely me by a long shot. He does love Ice cream and cookies though.

Who said "I love you" first? Me.

Who is taller? He is about 8 inches taller than me

Who can sing the best? I can, but despite what he thinks, he can also sing.

Who is smarter? We each have our own things we are smater at!

Who pays the bills? Its me. I tried to pass it off to him, but I still end up doing it.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does

Who mows the lawn? We both do, but I think I mowed it more this summer than he did.

Who cooks dinner? Me. He does make some mac and cheese and sandwhiches. He does the grilling.

Who drives? Bryant. I like to sleep if I can! A nap is welcome anytime!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Oooh, that's a tough one. Usually me, but he does also.

Who kissed who first? He stole a kiss on our first date!

Who asked who out first? I called him up before I knew him because my aunt gave me his number and said to invite him over to meet me and my roommates.

Monday, November 10, 2008


We find out what our little one is going to be on Friday and then I'll let you know what it is. We are having the hardest time thinking of names this time. Once we know the gender we could use all the ideas we can get! So feel free to leave any suggestions. Ashelynn started by suggesting all the names from the "Little Mermaid." Most of her suggestions are girl names of course. Bryson will occasionally lift up my shirt and say he wants to see the baby. The first time he did he stared at my stomach until I pulled my shirt back down. Then he said, "Wait mom, I want to see the eye again." It took me a minute to realize he thought my belly button was the baby's eye! It was no wonder he looked so confused! Then he tells me he has boy babies in his tummy. 2 year olds say the funniest things!
I got an email from my sister-in-law Michelle recently. She told me her 5 year old girl has been praying for my baby to be really pretty and to be a girl. I thought that was so cute.
We'll have the final verdict soon! I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Tagging continues!

Whitnee tagged me, so here goes! i hope I can think of 8 things per list!

8 TV shows I like to watch
1. LOST (when its on!)
2. Heros
3. HGTV just about anything
4. House
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. Fringe
7. Prison Break (when its not driving me crazy)
8. So You Think You Can Dance

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. Finished laundry
2. Direct TV came to update our stuff
3. Had a primary meeting about my new calling
4. Looked for a knocked out tooth
5. Ran Ashelynn around to school and activities
7. Went to a tupperwear party
8. Watched "House"

8 Favorite Places to Eat
1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Charleston's (in Omaha)
3. Chinese anything
4. Costa Vida
5. Los Hermanos
6. Chilis
7. Applebees
8. Wildflower grill

8 Things I am looking forward to
1. Next baby!
2. Fixing up our house a little more
3. Halloween
4. Thanksgiving
5. Christmas
6. Watching my kids grow up
7. Going to Hawaii in 2010
8. Building a house someday

8 Things on my wish list

1. Water softener for our dry skin in WY
2. Have both kids grow up happy and healthy
3. Start dancing again (but I probably won't!)
4. Warmer weather in WY!
5. Get a camper
6. Get out of debt!
7. To always have great family relationships
8. Got to the beach every year

8 People I am Tagging
1. Amy
2. Celeste
3. Ashley
4. Christine
5. Chrissy
6. Brooke
7. Michelle C
8. Michelle B

Football, knocked out teeth, and baby bumps

Last weekend Bryant was at the BYU vs (I think) UNLV in Provo. While he was there, he saw Nate Hammond and Brock during half time. He was so excited to see them and talked to Nate for a while. They started planning a trip for us to go to AZ when BYU plays Arizona State next fall. It would be really fun to go see them!

Last night Ashelynn had basketball camp and about a minute before we needed to leave she came up stairs from the toy room with her hand over her mouth. She wasn't crying so I didn't think anything was wrong. Then she took her hand away from her mouth and there was blood on it, her lip was swollen, and she started to cry. She had tried to jump from our bean bag and tripped and hit her mouth on a small toy cabinet and knocked out her front tooth! Luckily it was a lose baby tooth, but we didn't find it last night. It took her a little while to calm down, so we were way late for basketball. She is good now and we found the tooth in the toy room this morning stuck to the side of the toy cabinet.

I've had a couple pf you ask to see my baby bump so here it is. The pic is a little blurry and had to take it in Ashelynn's room because she has a full length mirror in there. I can still wear my normal pants but its a little more comfortable to use an elastic band around the button instead of doing them up all the way. I hope the picture is not too blurry! We find out on Nov 14th what it is.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My brother Stephen gave us a Tally Hall song called "Banana Man" a long time ago. My kids love it and love to dance to it. Here is a little clip of their dance!


I caught Bryson in the mood to sing. Here is his rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Early Winter?

We had an early winter storm this weekend. It turned very cold Thursday night and Friday morning there was 6 inches of snow. Then the winds picked up and blew it away and continued to blow hard for the next 2 days accompanied by a blizzard on Saturday. Sunday it was still snowing, but stopped early in the day. Hopefully the snow will be gone by Wednesday so we can dig up our garden and cut down all of our frozen flowers! Why did winter have to come so early? I hope it was a one time thing and that the warmer weekend coming will be the normal again.

My sister and her family had to leave Houston at the end of September to evacuate for a hurricane. They stayed with my mom and dad for about 3 weeks. While they were in UT, my sister and her kids came up to visit us. It was really fun to have them visit. Angie was doing some yoga while she was here and Bryson and her oldest decided to join her. I love this picture. Its very cute!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We have a big old Aspen tree in our yard that always turns golden and loses it's leaves before any other tree around. Yesterday the kids I and raked up the leaves that had fallen from it. Then they had some fun. Here are some cute pictures of it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We are expecting our 3rd baby this April! We are excited. I've been feeling good for the most part. From like week 3 to week 8 I didn't feel too great. I never threw up of anything, but I just felt bad. I told Bryant I must be a lot older this time, or I was having more than one. Well, its wasn't twins, so I guess I'm just older! Since the first Dr. apt. I've been feeling good most of the time. I've been having cravings this time and I really didn't with Ashelynn or Bryson. Mostly for veggies. A weekand a half ago I needed a big turkey dinner with gravy, rolls, and everything. The craving didn't hit me until about 4 in the after noon and I almost panicked because I didn't have time to cook a turkey that day! I bought a turkey the next morning and still had to wait because it was frozen solid! Today a craving for Cafe Rio or Baja Fresh hit me, but there is nothing I can do about it because we live so far from either place. We are going to CO this weekend, so I'll have to wait until then! I think I am starting to pooch out. At the end of a day I can really tell because my pants start to get tight and I have to put on a good pair of sweat pants. I'm still not too far along, but after doing this twice my body just seems to know that it has to lose all shape as fast as possible!
I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here are the latest cards I've made. 2 for card group and the one for Bryant to use to help him sell prints of a painting at the art competition (He didn't like the bow buy the way. I had to change it to a line of ribbon instead). I've decided if I want them to look any better I'd better start buying all of those crafty things one needs to make very cute and creative cards.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Last part of Summer

School has started and fall is in full swing here. Ashelynn had to wear a jacket again on the first day of school. It seems that the weather here automatically changes the day school starts! But before I get into that, I need to talk about the last bit of summer.

At the end of July Ashelynn broke her wrist. She was at a birthday party for a friend and with 10 mintues to go until the party was over, she was pulled off of a chair and landed on her wrist. Its a bit of a long story, but the little girl that pulled her off of the chair felt sooo bad that it broke her wrist. The next day she and her mom came to the house with balloons, a gift, a letter, and $10 from the girl's allowance to help pay for the Dr. It was pretty sweet. Since Ashelynn's wrist was broken she had to stop soccer and swimming for the rest of the summer. She was pretty sad about it, but she has since grown attached to the brace. We went to the Dr. today and they told her to she could take it off, but now she doesn't want too!

In August we went to Flamming Gorge with Bryant's family. We had a lot of fun boating and stayed in a great camp ground in the mountains about 5 minutes from the lake. Ashelynn was sad she couldn't water ski or knee board, but she did go on a lot of tube rides with her cousins. Bryson liked the tube, but loved the wave runners and riding on the boat. Bryant got in several good knee boards and skis. He and his brother tried to knee board on the same board. It was pretty funny. They stayed up for a while before they crashed. We rafted the Green River with everyone near the end of the trip. It was really fun and there were a few rapids here and there. We also saw a family of river otters. So here are a bunch of pictures!

The week after wer got back Bryant did the "Art On The Green" competition again. He was in the professional division this time. He started his painting on a Friday evening, painted until 4am, came home and slept for 3 hours, ate, then went back and painted until 2 pm. He sold a print of the painting he did last year and also sold his painting this year in the auction banquet that followed the competition. Here is his latest masterpeice!
Ummm, I'm not sure why its sideways, sorry! Click on it to view it then you can rotate it!

Ashelynn's 6th Birthday was right after the competition. My mom and dad got to come up for our fun filled weekend so they got to be there for her birthday and the art competition. About 3am on her birthday she woke up with a terrible stomach ache and threw up. So her acutal birthday was spent laying down and watching TV almost all day. But she did feel good enough to have a little family party with us, my parents, and Bryant's parents. My dad didn't feel good either unfortunately. He and Ashelynn got food poisoning from the restaurant they had gone to the night before. Ashelynn rebounded pretty quickly, but my dad ended up in the hospital for several days! Thankfully he is doing fine now. Ashelynn had a big birthday party the following Tuesday so it made up for being sick on her birthday. There were about 18 kids there and we had a luau. It was quite a party! I couldn't have pulled it off without the help from my friends and mother in law. A couple of the kids thought it really was Hawaii (poor kids had obiouvsly never been there!) Again here are a bunch of pics!

Well this was long enough! It was about time I updated!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July

Here are a few pictures that I took during the 4th of July weekend. I didn't get very many taken because I was constantly chasing Bryson around a camp ground during Bryant's family reunion. The pics are when all the cousins were playing games and doing crafts. Bryant's cousin's wife, Whitnee took tons of pictures, so I hope she emails me some! Hint Hint . . .

Over the weekend Ashelynn learned how to ride a 2-wheeler. And who taught her? Her 8 year old cousin Rylee. Yeah Rylee and Ashelynn! Thanks!