Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Pictures

Here are more Easter pictures and more of Caringtyn.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

She is here!

She is here and healthy (after a brief bought of jaundice and phototherapy)! We named her Caringtyn and just love her of course! My mom came and helped us which was awesome!
I went in to be induced and was trying to see how long I could go without and epidural. They gave me the pitosin about 6:30 pm. My contractions got to be 2 minutes apart and hard so when they checked my at 9:30 I was sure I would be close. Well I was still a 3! So since it seemed to be going so slow I decided it was time for the epidural because who knew how long it was going to take. I got the epidural at 9:30 and then suddenly I was a 6 then 15 minutes later was a 10! I was only half numb since the epidural didn't really have time to work because it happened so fast! I was glad to get done fast, even though it hurt. She looks a lot like Ashelynn did as an infant, which Ash was very pleased about. She loves to hold her. Bryson says he loves her but doesn't want her to touch him! Now here are the pictures!

I love the big bow on the hat picture!