Saturday, September 6, 2008


Here are the latest cards I've made. 2 for card group and the one for Bryant to use to help him sell prints of a painting at the art competition (He didn't like the bow buy the way. I had to change it to a line of ribbon instead). I've decided if I want them to look any better I'd better start buying all of those crafty things one needs to make very cute and creative cards.


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

great job!! it's scary when you post more than once so close together!;0)

Jackie said...

I didn't know you got the craft gene too!

Those look great!

Grandma Holly said...

Bryant, You showed me the picture of the elk at Jordan's homecoming. I really get to see more detailed. It is so so awesome. I meant it.. Georgous. Super professional. I really like it. Words go and on and I like it. Ashelynn, I did sent you a birthday card. sorry about your arm. Ciera,I liked the cards.

It was great to see everyone last sunday. Bryant/Ciera congrats --next April---yeah.

Vicki said...

I found your blog through Michelle, through another Green River friend she came across mine and commented, and told me that her brothers' families had blogs too... so I had to check them out.
I went to 3rd grade with Bryant. The Birch's were in our ward for a while, and Dr. Birch was our family dentist... It was so fun for me to look at your blog and come across the wedding pics of Jeremy. He and I were friends in HS... but I hadn't heard from or of him since. I would love contact info if you have it.

Also, tell Bryant I think his painting is amazing. I studied art in college, and try to paint and do illustration when I have a free second (I have 3 kids).

by the way, my maiden name is Hyde...