Monday, January 19, 2009


Last weekend we went to UT. Ashelynn had Friday off of school and Bry had work off. The two of them went to Sundace on Friday to ski. My mom went with them to ski with Ashelynn after her first lessons and Blake went with Bryant. I wish I could have gone but skiing is not on the approved list for activities for pregnant women, so I went to a Dr.'s apt instead. After my apt. Bryson and I headed up to Sundance to watch Ashelynn ski for a little while. Bryson sobbed the minute he saw everyone skiing because he wanted to go so bad. He finally got too cold and stopped crying and enjoyed watching Ashelynn. We signed her up for group lessons. Since she was the youngest there and the only one who was skiing for the first time she ended up getting a private lesson for the cost of a group one (that saved us $170 dollars!). I think the one on one with the instructor really made a difference.

I am one proud mom. She did awesome! She wanted to skii so fast she gave my mom some worry! Thanks for taking her mom!

She picked it up really quickly and loved it! Bryant skiied with her too and took these videos on his phone. They are the first videos he had every taken on a phone and didn't hold the phone the right way, so you will probably have to tip your head to watch them.

I know I will have trouble keeping up with her when I am able to go skiing again. The next morning she was begging to go back up on the mountain. She loved ridding on the lift also. Enjoy the videos!


Jackie said...

Aw that is so cool!

San Diego Spendloves said...

Maybe Ashelynn can teach me how to ski now. She is just beautiful just like her mother!

Grandma Holly said...

Awesome skiier. Your mom said she had a great time with Ashleynn.