Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was cleaning off my desk today because there was so much stuff on it I couldn't see the desk itself. I found this picture from Feb. of 2005. I don't know why it was on my desk or how it got there. Its of Ashelynn and 2 of her good friends from Omaha finger painting with fruit in pudding. Gracey is the blonde at the back of the table and then Ashelynn on the side and Emma closest to the front. We used to do a babysitting swap and these 3 got to play together a lot. I thought it was such a fun thing to find. It brought back a lot of memories.


Rachel said...

Cute picture! It's so fun to look back at how little our kids once were! Anyway, here's my favorite name right now. It's kind of strange, but I really love it. I guess I'll share it since my plans to adopt have been put on hold and I don't know if we'll really ever do it. So here it is- Mataya (Mu-tay-uh) You could call her Taya for short. I'll think of some normal ones for you too! I'll be checking in on Friday!

amber buhrley said...

so fun ciera. i can't believe how little they look. I sometimes feel like our omaha days werent that long ago, but then when I look at how much our kids have grown I realize how long ago that was. Sure miss everyone!