Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm feeling kind of bad that its been almost 2 months! I thought summer would be so relaxing, but it turns out that its busier than during school! I love having Ashelynn home. She is such a big help!

Anyway, I only have about 15 minutes before we have to go to the first soccer practice for summer soccer for Ashelynn. She loves and Bryson wants to do it too, but he is still too young, so its hard to keep him out of the practice!

Here is a quick run down of summer so far and I'll post some pics later!

In June we went to Las Vegas to visit Bryant's cousin and his family and my cousin and his family. We also got to see Mike and Katie Hughes and their kids! It was so much fun that we forgot to take pictures! I'm still hoping I'll get some from everyone else who took pics. Mike and Katie are doing well and their kids are so grown up. Katie's hair is really long, Mike looks the same. Hailey is so grown up and Sage looks like a mini Hailey except she has darker hair. It was so fun to see Taylor and Nicole and their 3 kids. Bryant and Taylor grew up together, and Bryant and I met because Taylor is my cousin. Ashelynn and their daughter Bailey always act like long lost best friends when they are together, even if they haven't seen each other in a long time. We stayed with Eric and Stacey (Bryant's cousin and his wife) and their 2 kids. They were so nice to let us stay there and we had a great visit with them.
The rest of June was swimming lessons, yard work, and Bryant's 32nd birthday! Which we spent driving home from Las Vegas. We stopped at my parents house and had a mini party for him before driving the rest of the way home. We also had our 10 year anniversary, which we had all ready celebrated in March, so we simply went out to dinner.
July has been busy so far too (Isn't it always!) I went to Utah to spend a couple of days with my family with the kids. Then over the 4th Bryant's family had a reunion in Provo. They had their annual family golf tournament and his dad won this year. After golf, all the ladies did our annual "So You Think You Can Shop" contest, my favorite part of the weekend! We all went to the Orem mall and were given $100 a piece and 2 hours to see who could save the most. I bought $97 worth of clothes, but had they been original price I would have spent $279. So my total saved was $182. I took 2nd place. Derek's wife Gretchen took first for the second year in a row! The best part is that we get $100 worth of fun stuff and then prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on.
After Bryant's family reunion my dad's family had a reunion, so I stayed in UT a few more days to see some of my cousins. It was great to see them and their kids. I just wish I could have spent more time with them. We had to come home early because Ashelynn had cheer camp (which she also had in June, I forgot to mention). She loved it. The cheer leaders teach the little girls dances, and cheers, and its a lot of fun and not too serious!
Now soccer starts today and swimming next week. Then Ashelynn and I get to go to a matinée showing of High School Musical at the Capital Theater on August 2nd for an early b-day present for her. She is so excited.
I'm sure all of your summers are crazy, busy, and fun too!
I have to leave for soccer in 5 minutes and move car seats! Ahh!


The Birch Family said...

Wow! You guys are super busy! Thanks for the fun update! We love hearing about our family!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

it is busy...1 month into it and with all that we have planned for the rest, i feel it's already over...ugh!