Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Our good friend from dental school, Jeremy got married in June in Cody, WY. We went to the wedding and I got some great shots. (Minus the time Bryson threw a great big rock at our friends the Gardea's while I was taking their family picture!) The scenery was great. Here are the pictures. Congratulations Jeremy and Jaime!

You can't beat pictures in a mountain meadow in nice clothes! Ashelynn was a great little model. Those white linen like pants of Bryson's . . . that was the last time he wore them. He got tree sap all over them after these pictures, and its not coming off.

Marie, Bryant, Ryan, and Kendra

Ryan and Bryson, Marie, Jeremy, Jaime, Kendra, Bryant and me.

Party time on the dance floor!

They had a Champagne toast during the reception. Bryson used the plastic glasses to build a tower with Marie's help. While he was playing with them he quickly licked the inside of a glass and made the grossest face after he tasted it! Good thing he didn't like it!

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Grandma Holly said...

those pictures are adorable. I love the camping as well. You did alot of blogging. Super good.